About Us

GikuyuTv is a commercial based , local digital channel broadcasting political,religious and social economic content in Gikuyu Language. Founded by the Directors of Jeremy Company Ltd The channel is dedicated to bring infotainment, educative and religious content suitable for family and society growth. We cater for the day to day secular and religious needs through our highly quality produced and compiled programs. As a Media company , we are therefore committed to provide the highest Level of educative,informative, entertaining and religious interactive programming for healthy viewing.

Our Vision

To become the leading media house promoting both local and International political, Religious and social economic products and services to every Audience, Investor and Advertiser all the time

Our Products

  • High Quality and comprehensive local and international news.
  • High quality documentaries across the world.
  • High Quality Interactive and entertaining children children programs.
  • Advertisement Development for Broadcast.
  • High quality Local & International Entertainment programmes.
  • High quality Movies.
  • Air time for promoting Clients Brands through advertisements and Branded programs.